Expert Yoga Teacher Training in Cardiff

If you’re looking for excellent yoga teacher training, check out what’s on offer from Lifestyle Yoga, based in Cardiff. We lead amazing yoga sessions and help people to take the next step on their yoga journey. From learning about anatomy and teaching styles to improving your skills with a Vinyasa program, we’ve got something for everyone. Get in touch now to learn more.

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New to lifestyle yoga is 200hrs online course, 5 weeks in class training and the rest is online to be completed within 12 weeks of starting. final assessments are to be completed in house with a teacher present.

Course manuals will be given out at the beginning of the course, assignments will be set alongside with a case study and lesson planners.  yoga labs are for asana practice including pranayama, your own teaching practice & help with planning classes, groups & individuals.

classroom hours:

SAT 8AM -12PM 1st two weekends

SUN 8AM-1PM last three weekends inc assessments.

For 5 weeks only! 

first 2 weekends to prepare for conditioning, and the last 3 weekends including assessments. 

You must complete 30hrs of your own practice and 20hrs teacher training (anyone friends family who will be willing).

Free yoga mat with all courses booked. 

Online course costs are £2250, offering £1,950 (trial price limited time only until Jan 30th 2020)  25% deposit is non refundable and to be paid in full 1 week before the start of the course.

Next online courses: start dates for in-house training.

Jan 11th 2020 ( 14 and 15th march for your last 3 weeks training in house ends 29th march).

Feb 1st 2020  ( 4th and 5th April for your last 3 weeks, ending 19th April).

March 1st 2020 (2nd and 3rd May for your last 3 weeks, ending 17th May).

Next course:  email or call for details.

This is a 200-hour Vinyasa program that is science based.  This course has been created so that its convenient for you to do most of your work online, It is  a 12 week course that enables you to do it from your pc. We cover a variety of subjects, and your course will be structured for you to follow accordingly. 5 weeks are mandatory that you have class room hours with the trainers at Lifestyle yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training

  • Asana Pranayama

  • Class Sequencing

  • Basic Sanskrit

  • Yoga Anatomy

  • Physiology

  • Teaching Practicum

It’s carefully structured by our lead trainer and master yogi Rachel Flame and is designed to keep your body strong and healthy and conditioned, so class room hours and your own practice is mandatory.

Prenatal Yoga Training

This course is 95hrs, only 30hrs in house training is required the rest is your own research online and assignments.

starting 22nd feb 2020 for 3 weekends sat & sun 8-1pm.

Cost is £700 with a non refundable deposit of £300. Materials included.

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are for everyone! Don’t be under any illusions that you have to be flexible, strong, or the right body type. We’ve taught thousands of students over the last 21 years, ranging from babies, toddlers, and teenagers to sports pros, students with cancer, and those with back and neck issues. You name it, we’ve taught it!

We’ve always had a positive outlook on yoga and have seen the way that it’s helped so many students. So, if you’re thinking of starting yoga then we’d encourage you to go for it! What’s the worst that can happen? It is life changing, it’s not just a class or a course, and it’s an investment into yourself for the rest of your life.

Three dates in Dec 2019 for classes: limited numbers booking essential, last few spaces remaining.

9th Dec    18:30pm for 90mins

16th Dec 18:30pm  for 90mins

23rd Dec 18:30pm for 90mins

£30 for 3 or £12 each.

There are many positive sides to teacher training. You may or may not want to teach at all, and that’s okay. It’s all about self-discovery and the path you’ve chosen is the correct one. Training courses are in St Mellons at Lifestyle Yoga Studio. It’s cosy and limited to 10 people so that we can keep it small and personal.


1. Can i start this course if ive not done yoga before?


2. How much experience do i need?

 Answer-some is nice, not essential though.

3. Can i practice my own hours in any studio?


4. Will i be qualified to teach after the course?


5. Can i teach yoga to kids with this qualification?

Answer-No, you need a separate certificate for kids yoga and 


6. Do i need to be registered with any yoga alliance?

Answer-no you don't, but you DO need insurance to teach classes.

7. Will i need my yoga mat for the in- house training?

Answer-No you do not, they are provided, you will need water

and a towel.

8. If i have injuries can i still do the course?

Answer-Yes of course, you will need to fill the forms in

so we can let you know how to work with the injuries.

9. Can i bring my friend along for the in-house part?

Answer-No this is strictly for students from the course.

10. How do i pay for the course?

Answer-you can pay by credit card or bank transfer.

Contact us, in Cardiff, to find out more about our yoga sessions and teacher training workshops.

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